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To all adventurous language learners.


Learning and adventure go hand-in-hand. Improve your Portuguese in the classroom and by interacting with locals.


Develop your skills while attending a fado concert in the heart of our Portuguese cities. Expand your vocabulary by meeting and greeting folks in our traditional streets. Think and learn outside of the box, in and out of the classroom. Go where it is spoken. Treat yourself and take one of our “go where it is spoken courses”.


This learning adventure “go where it is spoken” is designed for tourists, immigrants, professionals and for those of Portuguese descent . Everyone is welcome!

CLC runs courses throughout the year. Please contact us and enjoy this learning experience!

At CLC - Creative Learning Centre, Lisbon and Porto, we have the RIGHT TEAM of professionals to guide you and to teach you in an effective and creative learning way.

We will meet your needs:

   - learning holiday courses and leisure activities; 

   - programs tailored to your needs, all levels (A1 / C2);

   - flexible timetables;

   - private lessons, skype, group lessons (maximum 12), in classroom, or on site.

We believe our courses  will be a creative and useful learning experience for you.

Learning Holidays will enrich you. At CLC, we will make the difference; come learn with us and reach your goals!

If painting is your thing...


... enroll in our outdoor courses, on the  beach, in the mountains or among our glamourous cityscapes.


We teach Portuguese while you paint!


Learn about Portuguese artists and their impact in the world.

If your area is literature or history...enroll in our tailored course.

Learn Portuguese while we walk you through the books and the footsteps of the authors and History makers.


Visit monuments, learn more about Lisbon or Porto with our teachers.

If cooking is your delight...

... enroll in our small kitchen.

We teach Portuguese while you prepare our typical dishes!

Learn about Portuguese Discoveries and gastronomy, about where we left our delights around the world and about what we brought home!

Would you like a 2 in 1 cultural and leisure experience during your holidays in Portugal?


Learn Portuguese and blow your mind with unforgettable surfing adventures.


More and more companies require candidates to be fluent in Portuguese.

Learn what you need:

Our courses of Portuguese for Business/Enterprises are designed for the practical application of language in a professional context.


Contents include vocabulary, conversation, business communication, social and professional integration in Portugal.


Are you a student abroad or an Erasmus student?

Do you want to make the most of your stay in Portugal?


CLC has outlined a Portuguese course for university students to facilitate your cultural integration and to maximize your academic success.


We use lively images and catchy texts to grab your attention and get you clicking.


 Portuguese for Foreigners

 English - French - Spanish - German


2 weeks / 1 month

Develop your oral fluency in intensive courses of two weeks or a month and get your mastery in Portuguese, English, French, Spanish and German languages.

We lay out the study plan according to your objectives and we grant you the excellence of the skills of our native teachers.

Cursos de Inglês Cursos de Mandarim em Lisboa
Cursos de Inglês Cursos de Mandarim em Lisboa
Cursos de Inglês Cursos de Mandarim em Lisboa
Cursos de Inglês Cursos de Mandarim em Lisboa
CLC Creative Learning Center
Cursos de Inglês Cursos de Mandarim em Lisboa
Cursos de Inglês Cursos de Mandarim em Lisboa
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